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Training & Events


E-Learning Courses are available at any time and undertaken independently at your convenience. To sign-up please email Once processed you will receive joining instructions and your council will be issued with an invoice. Registration on this course will last 12 months.

Most are £17/person/session and are available to members only.

Anti-Bribery Essentials

Click here to view demo The Bribery Act 2010 is among the strictest legislation internationally on bribery. It is now possible to charge organisations if it is found they failed to prevent bribery, and to charge individuals who are found guilty of bribing or being bribed. Knowing exactly what is […]

Bullying & Harassment Essentials

Click here to view demo The Bribery Act 2010 is among the strictest legislation internationally on bribery. It is now possible to charge organisations if it is found they failed to prevent bribery, and to charge individuals who are found guilty of bribing or being bribed. Knowing exactly what is […]

Customer Services Essentials

Click here for demo Have you ever refused to leave a tip at a restaurant, or put the phone down on a call centre representative in sheer frustration? Maybe you’ve been annoyed enough to leave a one-star review online! Most of us have endured bad customer service at some point. […]

Cyber Security Awareness Password Management

Click here for demo This password management course is designed to provide clear and concise guidance on the use of passwords and other protection methods to keep your information and data safe and secure. The course will examine how cyber attackers can use different methods to gain access to passwords […]

Cyber Security Awareness Phishing

Click here for demo This course, developed by cyber security specialists Cyber Security Associates, is designed to enhance the learner’s knowledge of one of the fastest growing cyber attack methods: phishing. The course is useful for anyone who works with digital devices, and provides learners with details of information security […]

Cyber Security Awareness Video Conferencing

Click here for demo This course is designed to look at the different ways of using video conferencing and the processes and technology that can be used to protect how we use these services. Objectives By the end of the course you should be able to: Appreciate the history and […]

Finance Webinars from Steve Parkinson

£30; 1.5 hours

Session leader: Steve Parkinson, The Parkinson Partnership LLP
Steve is a former Town Clerk & an accountant with 30 years’ experience in public sector finance, who specialises in advice & training for the local council sector.

Sessions are interactive. You will need a device with a reasonable screen size such as a PC, laptop or tablet to be able to participate fully. Your booking confirmation will contain a link to the online event. Please ensure that you log in at least 10 minutes before the session starts, make sure that your screen name includes your first and last names.

Basic Finance for New Clerks Under a Year

This introductory session is FREE for inexperienced clerks of councils in membership of HAPTC in their year and is designed to give them an overview of a council’s year, along with a basic understanding of the RFO’s role. If you have 9 month’s experience or more, this session is unlikely […]

Budgeting for Clerks and Finance Staff

This session is seasonal and held in the autumn when budgets are set Course content When to start the budget-setting process The role of the Responsible Financial Officer and councillors in preparation of the budget How to go about preparing the budget and setting the precept Budget monitoring The importance […]

Contracts and Procurement

For anyone involved in procuring goods and services, preparing tenders or entering into contracts on behalf of local councils. This session is an introduction to the basics of procurement for local councils – inviting quotes, producing specifications and tender documentation, achieving competition and value for money, managing contracts. Topics include: […]

Finance for Councillors

This session is for councillors only and is designed to give them a greater understanding of their duties with regard to the council’s finances. Topics include: • Roles and responsibilities • setting a budget and precept • Financial control • The Annual Governance & Accountability Return • Internal and external […]

Internal Controls

This session give councillors and clerks an understanding of the need for internal controls and how they work, with practical examples and case studies. Topics include: • Roles and responsibilities • Financial risks • Purpose of internal controls • Case studies • Examples of controls • Review of internal controls […]

Role of the Internal Audit

For councillors and officers that want to understand the role of the internal auditor and how to appoint one. (Please note, this is NOT a training session for people who want to undertake internal audits) This session explains the role of the internal auditor in providing assurance to the council […]

Civility & Respect Webinars

Council Communications and Community Engagement webinars

Social Media and Digital Communications Webinars

Interpersonal Skills Webinars

Councillors: chairing meetings effectively

This session is designed for councillors, regardless of whether you are an experienced chairperson or whether you are new to the role. We explore how to effectively prepare for meetings, how to get the most out of the meetings you chair and from other councillors, and how to deal with tricky situations.

Dealing with difficult people and conversations

Managing our professional relationships is important, yet it can be a challenge to deal with difficult people and difficult conversations. In this session we explore practical techniques and ideas to manage difficult people and conversations in a council environment.

Data Protection and FOI Webinars

Councillors: data protection training

Whether you are an experienced councillor or have only recently been elected, it is vital that you understand how data protection legislation sits with your role as an elected member. This session will help you understand your legal obligations to yourself and to your council and how to get things […]

Data Protection for councils Part 1: Foundations & Theory

In an ever-evolving legislative landscape, it is vital that councils ensure they have the most up-to-date understanding of their data protection obligations. This introductory session walks councils through the theory and core principles of GDPR and related data protection legislation, and we explain what policies, practices and processes councils need […]

Data Protection for councils Part 2: Accountability and Lawfulness

This advanced data protection session deep dives into how councils are required to demonstrate accountability with GDPR. We consider the lawful bases for how councils process personal data and we explore how to create different policies and documents, including your Privacy Notice and Data Protection Impact Assessments.

Data Protection for councils Part 3: Dealing with data subject rights and information security

This advanced data protection session considers how to deal with data subject rights requests, including Subject Access Requests. We explore specific steps to take to ensure you are compliant with the legislation, and we consider what exemptions may apply, and when. We also explore the importance of Information Security for […]

Freedom of Information for councils

This course looks at what requirements and obligations local councils have when it comes to Freedom of Information and related legislation including EIR. We look at what policies and procedures councils should have in place, how to ensure officers and councillors are aware of their obligations and what steps to […]

Webinars available for the Council as a whole; these cannot be attended by individuals independently

The following is a list of the basic core courses that HAPTC puts on at various times.

Cancellation Policy

Please inform us immediately if you are unable to attend; there might be a reserve list. Member cancellations within 48 hours (2 full working days) of the course will be invoiced in full; non-members must give at least a full working week notice. This is to cover preparation and other costs (any handouts will be posted to the Clerk). You are of course welcome to find someone else to take your place. If we are able to reallocate at late notice we will inform you that the invoice is void.

Bespoke Sessions Tailored for you Council

These are tailored to meet the needs of your council and are delivered to your councillors together:

Member Councils £250 for half-day, £450 full-day

Non-Member Councils and External organisations £625 half-day, £1,125 full-day

Topics include, but please ask if you have any other requirements:

  • Business Planning
  • Councillor Training
  • General Power Of Competence Training
  • Staffing and Recruitment
  • Neighbourhood Planning

Certificate in Local Council Administration (CiLCA)

The Certification in Local Council Administration (CiLCA) can be taken by anyone, but is primarily aimed at parish and town council clerks. For details of sessions currently available, see the HAPTC electronic bulletin or contact the office

What are the benefits of the CiLCA?

  • It is a professional qualification for the Parish and Town Council sector
  • Once achieved, it does not have to be re-taken or reviewed
  • It is the most significant, readily accessible and nationally recognised qualification aimed at the local council level officers
  • It is increasingly expected by councils as they recognise that a CiLCA qualified clerk is more likely to have the knowledge and competency required to give them the support the council deserves
  • It develops knowledge, administrative skills, precision of thinking and presentation skills which help a clerk to perform confidently and competently across a range of council tasks
  • It is a significant level 3 qualification (described as like an A level) which helps current council employers and creates employment opportunities
  • A CilCA qualified clerk contributes to the council’s eligibility for the General Power of Competence
  • Having a CiLCA qualified clerk helps a council to achieve the Quality or Quality Gold levels of the Local Council Award Scheme.

CiLCA detailed information

Introduction to Local Council Administration

SLCC Courses for Clerks

For further details, please contact the SLCC Hertfordshire Branch Secretary or see the national website:

SLCC Professional Development

HAPTC carefully selects speakers at its events in the belief that they will present accurate, reliable and appropriate information and views. Unless specifically stated, HAPTC does not necessarily endorse, approve, guarantee or certify the accuracy, reliability, appropriateness or other aspect of the information and views of speakers. Any opinions provided by the speaker do not necessarily represent the views of HAPTC or its members. Reference to any specific commercial product, process or service by trade name, trade mark or otherwise does not imply or constitute an endorsement, recommendation or other support from HAPTC or its members.