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Basic Finance for New Clerks Under a Year

This introductory session is FREE for inexperienced clerks of councils in membership of HAPTC in their year and is designed to give them an overview of a council’s year, along with a basic understanding of the RFO’s role.

If you have 9 month’s experience or more, this session is unlikely to cover anything you don’t already know. Please leave this session for very new clerks and book yourself onto the more detailed sessions on Budgeting, Internal Control, The Role of internal audit, Procurement, Year-end and VAT instead.

Bookings by experience clerks may be removed without notice.

Topics include:
• Roles and responsibilities
• Setting a budget and precept
• Internal control
• The Annual Governance & Accountability Return
• Internal and external audit

By the end of the session you will:
• Be aware of relevant legislation and sources of guidance
• Be able to describe the key financial activities in a year
• Be aware of how the council’s accounts must be prepared and audited
• Recognise the importance of internal controls

Session leader: Steve Parkinson, The Parkinson Partnership LLP
Steve is a former Town Clerk & an accountant with 30 years’ experience in public sector finance, who specialises in advice & training for the local council sector.